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    Bond Suit


    James Bond Suits to Nail your Style Quotient


    Are you among those who have been amazed by the style and persona James Bond has exuded over the decades? Ever noticed the common factor? The stunning range of suits. Black Tie Classic brings you the best James Bond suits to help you dress like the world’s favourite spy. Whether you are a fan of Daniel Craig, Pierce Brosnan or Sean Connery – we have something for everyone.


    Get great-looking black tuxedos and suits from your favourite spy’s closet with Black Tie Classic’s amazing designs. We have a range of great Bond suits with a modern slim fit, satin jet pockets and side vents. Each detail of the suit is classically crafted – be it the buttons or collars. Get James Bond suits with waistcoats and trousers. With suits available at $450, buy world-class style at the cost of your everyday office wear.


    Along with suits and James Bond tuxedos, we also provide shirts, cufflinks, satin lapels and bow ties. Get matching outfits for all styles. Explore our amazing range and start buying now.


    James Bond Tuxedos that Make a Statement

    Black Tie Classic’s James bond tuxedos are soft and comfortable. Get the perfect shape according to your size. We also customise our tuxedos and tailor them for a perfect fit. Black Tie Classic has a wide range of materials with a satin finish and amazing designs in popular colours such as black and blue.

    Our James Bond tuxedo designs are subtle and classy. Gear up with the right accessories that go with your tuxedo to look nothing less than a ‘007’ agent. Nail the ‘Casino Royale’ suit available in a great range of styles, sizes and colours. Buy your favourite James Bond tuxedos and suits, and feel free to get in touch for any help